11 facts you should know about David M. Lorenz

  1. loves sitting in cafes, watching people passing by
  2. enjoys long distance running, table football and cleaning his desk
  3. is trying hard to uncover the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine
  4. likes working in a team which nourishes and stimulates
  5. has also worked as a product & advertising photographer, usher in the cinema, caregiver in a retirement village, farmer, waiter, hairdresser mate, kitchen hand, security, paperboy
  6. at the age of 7 he already showed his directing talent whilst forcing his kid sister to play in his horror movies set in the cellar
  7. is still waiting for somebody to buy his B.A. thesis on the dramaturgy of fictional short films. Wanna buy?
  8. loves, hates, learned a lot from Tom Waits, Ennio Morricone, Milan Kundera, Billy Wilder, Alan Ball, Anders Thomas Jensen, Charlie Kaufman, Charles Chaplin
  9. has a drawer full of screenplays, waiting to be brought to life
  10. is curious to see so much more of the exciting, baffling and mysterious world we live in
  11. is lucky that he is being able in the close future to thank in the credits of his films not more only his parents and friendsĀ 

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