North Carolina Film Awards

„...Superb. Touches on a situation that could happen to any of us. Which choice is the right choice with limited information? The inconvenient timing with a hint of danger is all this couple needs to reveal their masked problems. I liked how at the end you never know what happened to the stranger -- we don't see him lying in the snow or running away -- implying that the couple took too long to act whatever what action could be (as outlined by the title) and that they'll probably never know the consequences. Wonderful production in every way -- right amount of humor is injected to a tense argument and terrific actors who carry all the emotions...“
Judge Fran / North Carolina Film Awards

„...Wonderful, though disturbing, short about morality and the prioritization of society's values. Today when you ask people to do the right thing, the first question you get is right for whom? A man is freezing to death outside, but the couple have "some real problems upstairs". That would be comical if it wasn't so sad.The film itself, was wonderfully done. The direction and writing felt like they were surely done by someone who has experienced this first hand, and the performances were convincing throughout: the bickering turning into a full blown fight because neither of the main characters wanted to make a decision and blamed each other for it was superb. Loved it!...“
Judge Ben / North Carolina Film Awards

“...It is a movie that uses the current refugee crisis in Europe to stage a more personal drama for a young family in their living room. You can tell the character of a person by how they act in a crisis. Well shot, great dialogue. Convincing acting. I enjoyed it...“
Judge Anthony / North Carolina Film Awards

“...Great performances by Alessija Lause as Sarah and Patrick Kalupa as Hannes. This film pops at the climax, builds. Liked the writing very much. Excellent...”
Judge Lee / North Carolina Film Awards

North Carolina Film Awards Ceremony | written by diverse | 18.03.2016

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